The start of my journey

When I was younger, I was in great shape. I played basketball and football regularly, I was always active and once I was old enough I joined a gym. Over time I slowly fell out of the habit of regular exercise and eventually the habit of any exercise.

I went from being an active person to being someone who sat down almost all day playing Xbox and writing, without getting any sort exercise at all. There were days when the most exercise I would get would be walking to the kitchen.

My body has started to be affected by this and after some deep soul searching, I realised that I can’t go on the way I have been. So I’ve started making changes over the past month or so. Just small changes that I knew I could keep to. I stopped drinking anything that wasn’t water and eventually I added in two cups of green tea per day. I started doing 30 minutes of strength and muscle training in the early morning and then I aim every day to walk between 2-4 miles and I end the day with 30-45 minutes of cardio training.  In the space of a few weeks I feel better, my skin doesn’t feel as greasy and I don’t feel as breathless when I climb stairs etc.

HOWEVER, I’m still a long way off of my goal.

As it currently stands (at my last weigh in a few days ago) I am 19 stone and 9lbs, I aim to get my body weight down to 13 stone. 13 stone is inside the recommended “healthy body weight” for someone of my height.

I have recently put myself on to the Dolce Diet which was created by Mike Dolce who is the MMA’s leading nutritionist and the man responsible for getting fighters such as Ronda Rousey into shape.

I have never felt more determined and motivated in my life and right here on this blog I will track my improvements, my good days and my bad days, my inspirations and how I’m feeling about the whole thing.

I will weigh myself every second Sunday starting tomorrow and I will make this happen.

Determination, motivation, dreams and goals.


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